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Day is done by Dianne


After my working guide, Hibiscus and I have been out running errands or just out having fun, we come home to our home which my dogs and I consider our castle. We live in a small town-house style home with a small, but adequate patio/yard area which my dogs and I can enjoy. While Hibiscus and I are out, my retired guide, Primrose has as her job, watching our house which she usually does well by sleeping soundly until we arrive home.

Hibiscus and I walk through the gate into our yard and directly to the back door. Our back door just happens to be a sliding glass door which looks out onto our patio, and in our absence, Primrose usually selects a place at the edge of the living room on the carpeting or a place on the cool kitchen floor where she can lie down and kind of see what might be coming back home to the back door. When she is not lying quietly and peacefully in those particular places, she climbs the stairs and takes a place right in the middle of the bed in the guest room where I usually have a window open through which she can hear us as we enter.

The funny thing about the favorite sleeping place in the guest room on the bed is that I don’t think Primmy knows that I know that she does this because I have never caught her there personally. The way I know that she does this is that the bed spread is all bumpled up in the middle. No matter where Hibiscus and I have been, and no matter how long we have been away, Primrose is always right at the back door looking out at us wagging her tail happily in greeting to see us. I put the key into the lock and open the door and always have a happy greeting for Primrose with lots of praise for her work at keeping our house nice and safe and there is always praise for Hibiscus for doing a good job of guiding me. Both dogs get lots of pets and lots of love and make their way to the gravel run area we have for the dog kids here.

If we return in the late afternoon, both dogs make their way back into the house after visiting the dog run area and expect that it is time to be fed. Meal time is announced for these dogs with a rhythmic tune played with the fingers on the metallic dog dishes. Then, food is scooped and prepared and both dog girls get to eat.

We usually then settle down into a quiet evening with me on the computer or listening to a book. Hibiscus usually wants some play time, bringing some toys to me to play tug or to have me toss for her. Because of her age and arthritis, Primrose usually takes her favorite place at my feet where she continues to be a sleepy time gal. After a while, Hibiscus joins Primrose in the big snooze, waking only to chew on a bone at times or to get playful again just to make fun for me.

Somewhere around nine or nine-thirty, the dog girls begin to get restless with the desire to get the final trip outside out of the way and head off to bed. Now, at this point in our day, both dogs have been happily snoozing so that it is not really about an urgency to get to bed that they become restless, but, rather, they want to make that trip outside and head up to bed because they both know that treats go into my pockets for the girls when we get up stairs. We all finally make our way up stairs, and the girls both sit in their respective places in front of me to gently accept a small treat for being such good girls. Then, as I finish getting ready for bed, both girls make their way up onto my bed like the spoiled bed rats they both are. The both wait for me with Primrose at the foot of the bed on one side and Hibiscus up at the head of the bed on the other side, leaving me the part of the bed they don’t claim for themselves. I finally crawl in and end my day with a beautiful loving and devoted dog on either side of me expecting to be petted and loved before ending our day. As a happily independent woman, I can’t think of any more beautiful way to end my day or begin my day than to reach out and find both of my loyal, faithful, and loving dogs at either side of me because they do fill my life with more joy than I could possibly put into words.

Dianne B. Phelps and the Flower Dogs,
Hibiscus and Primrose



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Nov. 14th, 2009 05:21 pm (UTC)
I remember those days of coming home to a retired dog. It's such a wonderful thing.
Nov. 14th, 2009 06:48 pm (UTC)
I treasre each and every time I come home to find Primmy happily waiting for Hibiscus and I because now that Primmy is 10 1/2 years old, I know our days together are seriously limited. One day, it will just be Hibiscus and me here, and we will be just fine, but I feel so blessed to have this experience in my life once again.
Dianne and the Flowering Canines, Hibiscus and Primrose
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