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First time experiences

When I was in class the first time with Cass, there was a man in our class who often did not "follow his dog." He was an elderly man. Almost every workout we went on, he was walking into signs. His dog would attempt to take him around them, but since he wasn't following his dog, he smacked his face into signs.

One afternoon we were doing doubles. I would lead for a block, then at the street corner we would switch and he would lead for a block. Well, I was in the lead at this particular time. I was walking along, and all of a sudden SMACK! I walked into a sign. I screamed. The man I was doing doubles with caught up to me and asked what was wrong. I said I had hit a sign. My forehead was bleeding. I had some tissue in my pocket, so I put that on my head to stop the bleeding and we went on together instead of one of us leading.

When we got back to the downtown lounge, we walked in, and the class supervisor and nurse saw my head was bleeding. They asked what happened, and I made a joke out of it and just said, "Oh, I just decided to take a sign out this time so Bill didn't have to." Everybody laughed and life went on.


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