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Awakened by Sweetness


Because my working guide, Hibiscus, and retired guide, Primrose, are spoiled Labby Ladies, when I awaken in the morning, they are usually both on the bed along side me. Hibiscus is usually up near the pillow just as close to me as she can be and Primrose is at the foot wanting to be close, but not that close.

When I deliberately open an eye and stretch, Primrose usually jumps off her place at the foot of the bed and runs around to the side of the bed where I get up to nudge and wag her tail and make it clear she wants some action from me. Hibiscus will then usually jump off and follow her, but if I don’t move quickly enough, she jumps back up on the bed in her favorite place as she did this morning for some morning snuggling.

This morning she had turned her head toward the pillow and was on her back, a position she dearly loves and snuggled right up as close as she thought she could get. I put an arm around her and spent a few minutes just petting her and holding her like a puppy.

Then, the three of us got up to really start our day. Now, with awakenings like this, how could one have a bad day?

By Dianne B. Phelps,
Hibiscus and Primrose

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Nov. 14th, 2009 09:04 pm (UTC)
What a way to wake up! Nothing like doggie hugs to start the day. At 8 months, Alonzo is still in his crate, but career change Finnley snuggles up with Laura at night.
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