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Trust your dog!

I'm still amazed

On July 18th Seattle Washington's new Link Light rail trains started running through the south end of the city. When the train started its route, several Metro buses were rerouted and others, such as the one I usually took to work, were canceled altogether. So it was the train for Weeko and me. We've had many adventures involving the train tracks near work, but this story is sharing my amazement of how my seven-year-old guide still amazes me even after our five-year partnership.

Tuesday morning Weeko and I got off the 41 I called out "have a nice day, driver" as I moved in the direction to wait for the train. Weeko knew just where to stop. Hearing the bell of the train in the distance I picked up Weeko's harness and said in a cheerful voice, "here it comes, our train is coming!” We stepped forward as the vehicle came to a stop. The doors had not opened as yet but I noticed that Weeko, unlike in the past, had stopped and was not moving forward in spite of my gentle prodding. Then the doors opened right in front of us.

"Good, Girl!" I cheered. "You found the door."

I thought it a coincidence. A nice coincidence, but something not repeated. She sure fooled me. The next three times I've taken the train, she would move forward as the train approached and as the train stopped she'd plant her paw and wouldn't move. And, yes, each time we were in front of a door.

Yep! I've concluded that Weeko is simply amazing. No more worrying about where those doors are. Happy smile!!!

Janet and Weeko


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Nov. 15th, 2009 12:34 am (UTC)
Weeko is amazing to me as well. What a dog !!!
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