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Another scouting camp adventure

Jimmy and I had another scouting camp. This was a camp for youth aged 8-10 years old. The beginning is a good place to start. So, let’s start with Friday night.

My group and I set up tents and our cooking shelter while Jimmy rested in the shade with a rawhide bone to occupy his time. I have to say that the youth in my group were more interested in watching Jimmy eat a bone than helping set up-Lol! Then, it was supper time before an informal campfire. At camp, there were about 100 youth and adult leaders. It was one of the smaller camps I have attended. The informal campfire was basically to tell everyone about camp rules. Youth campers were advised to let leaders know where they were going when leaving the immediate area. Introductions to leaders and people in charge of the two different programs for the weekend were made to the group.

Next, Jimmy and I had our time to shine. One of the other leaders had said, "Jimmy will watch out for gopher holes." Both of us explained that when Jimmy's harness is on people are not to bother him and to ask Scouter Michelle if it is an appropriate time for Jimmy to play....

After my spiel I had time for questions. The most memorable question was, "Does he fill in the gopher holes?" Lol! I thought that was the cutest question of all.. Of course, I said, "No, He's a guide dog and keeps me from bumping into those gopher holes.” I pointed out the ditch at the end of the gravel road where Jimmy stopped for me every time I walked that way! I definitely had one cautious boy.

Another youth said. That his grandfather had a black lab guide dog named Max. I think the youth said both he and his grandfather were from Regina. How cool is that. Maybe I'll run into either the youth or his grandfather sometime around the city. So, I said "cool! You know about guide dogs." I jokingly asked if he could be my assistant for the weekend. If anyone had questions about guide dogs, they could ask my assistant.

Saturday was nice. It was hot and sunny. Jimmy loved lying in the sun. I would place him in the shade while my group was doing an activity and Jimmy would decide if he wanted to go lie in the sun, getting up to move into it-What A silly boy!

Jimmy's guide work was phenomenal as usual. Even the other Leaders from other groups were impressed with his guide work and the fact that when he was off duty he would lay down and sleep. Lol.

That night, we had the formal campfire with songs skits and cheers.

On Sunday, it was time to pack up and leave for home. There was also a group photo to be taken of everyone attending camp. We were told, "Youth, line up in front, and Leaders, line up in back". “OK,” I thought “I'm a leader I'll go to the back.” This was not going to happen. Another leader noticed me in the back and said, "You know what? You and your dog should not be back here!” I thought, “Oh! No! he is going to tell me that Jimmy’s going to get stepped on!” but instead, he said, “you have a special dog! I think you should be up front and center!" “Oh great!” I thought to myself, “ I don't like being the center of attention.” All I said was, "oh, ok." And the group picture was taken.

Finally, a Picture was taken of Jimmy in harness and me standing beside him. I have a feeling that both of the group camp photo and Jimmy and I will be put on the Scouts Canada website. Giving Scouting and Guide Dogs for the blind publicity is good. We had a good weekend, and Jimmy loves getting attention from children, of course, when he was off duty.

Michelle and Jimmy
If you are interested in donating to Guide Dogs for the Blind, please click on the link below:


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Nov. 15th, 2009 01:12 am (UTC)
So great that you and jimmy were able to show all the young scouters about guide dogs. great story !!!
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